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Being creative :)

I have started being creative for Christmas and have decided to make doorstops for pressies. I had to design the pattern as I did not want to pay for one. The first turned out okay and now I am on the second with pattern amendments. Who knows, this just may be the next thing I do! At least it is passing the time during the day as I hand sew because getting the machine out is too much for me right now. I will post pics as I start to get a few.

The first creation – needs some work on the shaping I think.


Set up done !

Well I think I have done the set up – had trouble loading pics so I will try those another day. This does not bode well for my business start, if I can’t even load a pic how can I expect to create a website and update that! Never mind, I will get there 🙂


Just back from Bali after 3 weeks of bliss to normal life. Suitcases lying around half emptied but the washing is done. Most of the gifts have been delivered and the last few will be done tomorrow. 

This blog will follow my journey as I try and build myself a community based business in Bali, giving back to the local community where it is based thru donations each year. Looking to change just a little bit of the world with charity.